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Kingdom focused

We live in a body that is temporary.  Our lives on earth are temporary but not without purpose.  We exist to glorify God and not ourselves.  Therefore we will make decisions as a church that honors God first giving all we have and all we are to Him.


Grateful in all circumstances.

Thankfulness is a weapon in the hands of faithful people to combat the negative.


Everyone is welcome.

All people have sin.  We all need a savior.  God invites us all to His table as prodigals, people who are apart from God and reunited to Him by grace.  We will look every person in the eyes and love them regardless of their sin, whether apparent or hidden.


Honest about who we are.

We will honor God by not pretending to be perfect.  Healing is found in confession and bondage is found in pretending to be without sin.


In loving bond

with one another

Friendships are formed in community.  God created us for deep friendship.  Deep friendships are developed in trust over a period of time. 


Willing to put others

before ourselves

Jesus came not to be served but to be a servant of all.  That makes serving others the very best job.  We will intentionally serve others.


Joined in our service.

We are all on the same level.  No one is more or less important than the other.  The best work is accomplished when we lock arms together and serve others. 


Take responsibility

for ourselves.

If we have placed our faith in Jesus,  all of our sins are already forgiven.  This does not set us free from the requirement to grow and to be more like Jesus.  We are all accountable for our actions.


Working to be

more like Christ.

Even when we mess up,  we will mess up attempting to do what we believe God is calling us to do.  We will not err because of slothfulness.


Producers not consumers.

God calls us to bear fruit in our lives.  We are intended to grow and mature,  love ourselves and the people around us, and be God’s hands and feet in the world.

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