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Upcoming Events




Saturdays - 6:30pm

7568 Ruben Linker Rd

Concord NC 28207

Weekly Worship




Come and gather in community and be refreshed by the Holy Spirit.

Go and bring restoration to your family, neighborhood, job and world.

Click below to learn more about TheWELL

and Come Refresh, Go Restore



We do this by finding joy in names being registered in heaven. God’s vision for the church is that we be a changing force in the world.  We long to see God’s grace at work in the lives of others.  We believe our greatest joy comes in relationship with Jesus and in community with each other.  That joy is multiplied when we see God’s grace in the world around us.

“They were told that their messages were not for themselves, but for you. And now this Good News has been announced to you by those who preached in the power of the Holy Spirit sent from heaven. It is all so wonderful that even the angels are eagerly watching these things happen” - 1Peter 1:12

A Message

from chad

Welcome to TheWELL!

We are a new community, gathering in the greater Charlotte area.  What started as a spark and passion to engage the world in a gritty tangible way has become a community of honest followers of Jesus.  

We are not fancy.  We are not pretentious.  We drink coffee.  Our kids dance and make noise during worship. We celebrate and have fun! We are far from perfect. We are passionate about Jesus.  We believe Jesus changes our lives.  We believe that God does His greatest work through regular people.  Can you see that we are not attempting to jam all the people we can in a building?

We respectfully believe that we are not called to be keepers of yesterday’s traditions.  We are called to building a better tomorrow.  There are hundreds of great traditional churches and we celebrate them while pursuing our call to move forward in a different direction.  

TheWELL is a place of community and family.  It is a place where your soul is refreshed.  You, then, take that refreshment to a world that desperately needs something beautiful to happen.

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